Class 2 2016-2017

 Week ending 21st July 2017








 We have had an amazing week in class 2 enjoying all our sports and activities. All the children have shown a great attitude, effort and determination to participate in all the activities. Mrs Britcliffe and I were very proud of all our medallists during our ceremony on Friday, rewarded for a variety of reasons from determination, teamwork, excellence, friendship and respect. Well done to Ryan and Ellie from Year 2 and Sam and Ellie from Year 1, who were our sports day champions. Well done to the whole class who won the 'Healthy Me' competition for bringing the most 'healthy food' labels into school.

Week ending 14th July 2017

                           Our English this week has been looking at Grace Darling and how her heroism inspired the modern day RNLI. The children didn't think they would have liked to have lived when she did, helping cook, clean, tend to animals and crops and row backwards and forwards to the mainland and other islands! All this before returning to the lighthouse to receive her schooling from her dad! "What about TV and X-box and playing?" Oh how times have changed! In maths we have looked at shapes and tried hard to use vocabulary related to shapes when talking about their properties. The children evaluated their DT project, thinking about any changes they may do if they made their aquarium again. We completed our RSE lessons learning correct vocabulary for our body parts, which we know are private.  We enjoyed another fantastic transition day, with the new class two children writing a jigsaw piece about themselves and completing some activities ready for our new topic in September. Look out for the work at the meet the teacher evening in September.


Week ending 7th July 2017








This week in class 2 the children finished making their aquariums and I'm sure you'll agree from the photograph they have done a fantastic job. Next week they will complete the DT project by evaluating their processes. The children had their final swimming lessons and I am delighted at the determination and effort they all put in to progress with their swimming skills. We've had a fantastic PE afternoon at the playing field, practising their running and other races for sports day. Some children watched and evaluated other's techniques in order to help them. During our transition morning the year 1 children were very supportive and friendly towards the current foundation children so I would like to say well done for making our new classmates feel welcome. We did lots of activities with listening and speaking skills so we could all get to know one another and we look forward to another day next week.

Week ending 30th June 2017

Only a four day week and we've been so busy! Mrs Britcliffe and I were so proud of you all in our class assembly. We have had such a busy year and we hope your grown-ups and the rest of the school enjoyed hearing about some of the things we have done. You have all worked so hard and learned a lot across the year, but worked hard practicing your lines ready to tell everyone. Apart from that we have done some maths work on capacity and volume; we have measured, compared and ordered different sized containers and their contents and managed to keep spillages to a minimum! In English we have focussed on some spelling and grammar work and in DT the children began to create their deep sea aquarium from their plan. Working scientifically was the subject of our science lessons. Following our theme of the seas and oceans we observed the effect salt water has on objects, then carried out our own experiment finding out how much salt was needed to make an egg float. The children were very enthused by the experiment, fascinated by what happened. We even managed to fit in our swimming lesson, a visit by the dentist and created a seaside map and key with human and physical features in geography. And finally we welcomed Caitlin into our class. Phew, thank goodness you have an extra day off to recover!











Week ending 23rd  June 2017



 Our time on African safari has gone, the safari tent, campfire and African savannah at sunset, have made way for our underwater extravaganza, exploring what lies beneath the waves! The children each painted and decorated their own underwater sea creature to hang in our underwater world. They will find a treasure chest, complete with numbered coins to use for maths challenges. In science this week the children have extended their work about animal food chains, using creatures from under the sea. In English we have been identifying and using rhyming words and even challenging ourselves to create some short rhyming poems. The children completed their designs for this half term's DT project and shoe boxes will be gratefully received in order that the children can 'make' their design. We located the world’s oceans and have enjoyed some music on our theme, using instruments to follow the beat. I won't tell you the song, you can find out during our class assembly, but I'm sure it's one you will know! The children have been practicing for our class assembly and will bring words home to practice saying them fluently (even if they don't learn them by heart). We hope you can join us on Thursday 29th June to find out more about our class from this year.


Week ending 9th June 2017

Last half term this year and the first week has gone already! This week in Class 2 we have had our RE focus looking at places of worship and ceremonies. We identified our own special places before moving on to looking at Christian and Muslim places of worship. We had a visit to the church so the children could identify different parts and really have a good look around. They are very familiar with the church from our different services across the year but never usually get chance to look properly. They labelled many things and looked how many there were of some things such as crosses, stained glass windows and pews. Previously we have looked at baptism and this week looked at weddings. We were able to find some class members on the baptism register and then had our own wedding! Our bride Minnie Mouse walked down the aisle to her guests singing 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' and she met her groom Mickey at the altar. We had a great morning and the children are using the visit for their writing. On Thursday we promoted the British value of democracy and took part in a class vote, just as the wider society took part in the general election. We discussed the general election and had our own voting booth and ballot box. The children were voting on the favourite party symbol. They were unaware of the actual political party they related to. If only we were all voting for a pretty symbol! The polling station closed at 3:30 and the results can be seen in the photo below. Do you know the symbols to work out the winner? I wonder how it will compare to the general election.                        












Week ending 26th May 2017

What a busy last week of this half term. The children have finished their work on Nelson Mandela and were intrigued by his life. We learned it would have been his 100th birthday next year, so wonder if there will be any celebrations. Whilst we have this fantastic weather we have made the most of it for many lessons. With a playground full of numbers the children had to solve their problems and find the answer on the ground. We have completed some PSHE regarding water poverty in Africa and watched a clip of a 3 year old child helping his mum carry water from a well, home. It took them 2 hours, so we recreated the idea in the playground. We didn't put water on our heads (though it may have been quite refreshing to get wet this week!). We used our sports cones and bean bags and walked around the grounds for 10 minutes. The children thought it would be easy, but after 2 minutes many were complaining their arms hurt holding the cone! The children also realized how lucky they are to have toilets with running water at school and didn't fancy going out in the playground when everyone was playing! With the holidays approaching we have recapped stranger danger.

Mrs Britcliffe and I were very proud of Class 2's performance in our arts assembly, singing 'Amani Utpe' and showing their Kenyan tribal necklaces. I would also like to say how proud we have been of our Year 2 children who have completed several quizzes during this half term. They have completed them without any fuss and we will have a look back at the papers after half term. As a treat we have finished the week with some cooking.








Week ending 19th May 2017

As part of our topic on Africa we looked at a brief history of the continent, from the Egyptians, David Livingstone to Nelson Mandela. We plotted on a map the significant places relating to these people and next week will write a brief fact file or biography about Nelson Mandela. In art the children created their own jewellery inspired by the Masai Mara tribes of Kenya. This week was the final week of riddle writing and the children researched, planned and wrote their own riddle. I was very impressed and am sure the people at the writing competition will think the same. It would be fantastic to get some of the children's work published. We showed a lot of trust in maths this week when we directed our blindfolded partner to find some treasure.








Week beginning 8th May 2017

Money, money, money..... This week in class 2 we have been working on problems with money. Year 2 have been working in pounds and pence and converting one to the other. Year 1 have been working out different ways to make amounts and trying to remember to add the value of the coins, not the number of coins! In English, following a class vote we have worked in groups to create a riddle. Some quotes for you to try and work out what our riddles were about: I have an elegant, long neck to help me watch out for predators. I have cream fur with big brown spots. I have a powerful, long black tongue so that I can reach the leaves at the top of the trees. I am harmless to humans because I am a vegetarian. I live in the dry grasslands of Africa. What am I? The children had their first swimming lesson and Mrs Britcliffe and I were very impressed with the behaviour and effort by all of the children. Well done.


Week beginning 27th March 2017

In class 2 this week we have continued our work on time. We have looked at ordering the days of the week and seasons. Year 2 have continued to work on 5 minute intervals and solve time problems. We have linked some computing with time, trying to log on and locate some time games to consolidate our learning. In English the children have started to plan their own stories. As part of our topic work we have discussed medicines and why we need to take them and safety around medicines. The children have completed some Easter crafts, discussing the true meaning of Easter.








Class 2 welcomes you to our class page.

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Everyday we complete phonics or spellings, maths and English. Most days we complete Guided Reading with our adults and a variety of other subjects from the national curriculum. We have lots of displays around our classroom to help us and show our work.

*We need our PE kits into school on a Monday to leave them here until Friday.
*We need our water bottles and reading books and reading records everyday.
*We get our spellings on a Friday and we will learn the words and rules in class the following week ready for our test the next Friday. We can keep our spellings books at home until the next Friday so we can practise, then return them for our new spellings. It's an extra challenge to put our spellings into a sentence to help us a bit more!

*We must read at home 3 times a week and get an adult to sign our reading records.

This year our topics will be:
Autumn 1: Fairytale and Fantasy
Autumn 2: Time to play nicely!
Spring 1: Is there anyone out there? 
Spring 2: Ourselves - Who am I and how do I keep healthy?
Summer 1: Feathers, paws and claws
Summer 2: What lies beneath the waves?

The adults in our class are Mrs Clark and Mrs Britcliffe and we have other kind people who give up their time to come and help us.

Enjoy looking at our page.
rom Class 2.