Class 1 2016-2017

Week ending 21st July 2017


What a busy time we have had! This week we have really enjoyed sports and wellbeing week. We have enjoyed a wide range of activities including archery, football, circuit training, cooking and of course sports day. We are very lucky to have had these opportunities and would like to thank Mrs Clark for organising them for us. Congratulations to Oliver and Kaitlin who were awarded trophies on Sports Day, we were all so proud of them. Next week we will be sending a selection of reading books home with your child to tide them over during the summer. Reading is a vehicle to access all areas of the curriculum and it is extremely important that we keep up with progress in this area. Please encourage your child to read a variety of reading material over the holiday to ensure they have the best possible start to Year 1 in September. Have a good weekend everyone.

Week ending 14th July 2017







This week in Class 1 we went off to Normanby Park on our "Beastie Hunt". We discovered all sorts of wildlife in the woods (including bears). We created woodland art, and built shelters at the forest school. Zara and Mrs Furmage were even lucky enough to spot a wild deer.
We had an amazing time. Normanby Park are running workshops over the Summer Holiday in shelter and fire building for parents or carers to take their children to, so look out for these!
The children spent a day in their new class with Mrs Clark on Wednesday. They thoroughly enjoyed it and are looking forward to September.


  Week ending 7th July 2017

This week in Foundation we have been practising counting in 2’s and doubling and halving. We have started to look at money with Mrs Shearwood too and it would help us if we could practise naming coins at home. On Thursday we “moved up” to Class 2 to work with Mrs Clark and Mrs Grey. We all had a great time. We can’t wait for our full transition day! In PE we have been focusing on negotiating space and different ways of moving. We have found that skipping and hopping are the things most people in our class find tricky. We are continuing to work hard on our high frequency words and will have brought more home to learn this week. Thank you. Please be reminded of our trip to Normanby on Thursday 13th July. We have ordered the children’s pack ups through our catering service so there really is no need to provide a pack up unless you think this is absolutely necessary for your child. Have a good weekend.

Week ending 30th June 2017

This week in Foundation Stage we had a visit from Dr Katherine Hastings. She taught us the importance of cleaning our teeth twice a day, for two minutes each time. Katherine also told us that some of our toothbrushes needed replacing! Katherine was concerned to learn that some of us do not have a dentist, and urged us to speak to our parents about this. Katherine left us surgical gloves, masks and mirrors to explore in our play. We have been re-enacting the role of a dentist in role play and have really enjoyed this. Thank you Katherine. We are continuing to learn our tricky words and high frequency words in phonics, and new ones to learn have been sent home via our reading records. You will all now have received a letter about our trip to Normanby Hall. We are very excited about our trip.Next week we are looking forward to meeting our new teacher, as part of planned transition. We all think that Mrs Clark will be very impressed with us and we can’t wait to spend time with her.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.










Week ending 23rd June 2017

We have had a really enjoyable week here in Foundation.

Thank you for providing your child with sun cream and sun hats during our official heatwave!

This week in Maths we have been learning more about patterns and have been experimenting with making patterns with numbers, shapes and colours. Our challenge in Maths has been to create more complex patterns, the children have all really enjoyed this- well done everyone.

The children are progressing brilliantly with the learning of their high frequency and tricky words, thank you for your support with this at home.

Please remember our reading competition is still running. Your child will need to read to an adult three times over the week (recorded in their reading record) at home in order to move up the competition board.

In PE this week we have been practicing for sports day. Skipping with a rope and hopping have been our focus. These skills are quite difficult for children of Foundation age but the challenge hasn’t deterred the children. The children have shown great resilience, well done.

On Tuesday 27th June at 1.15pm Dr Katherine Hastings, Dentist at Campbell Dental Health in Scunthorpe will be visiting us to talk about the importance of cleaning teeth. Please can children bring their toothbrushes in for this in a small labelled bag/tooth brush holder? Thank you!

Here’s to another exciting week… have a great weekend!

Week ending 16th June 2017




After our healthy eating assembly last week, we have had a busy week harvesting our potatoes and picking (and eating!) the strawberries from our outdoor area. We managed to get a good amount of potatoes and were very excited as we explored the soil to find them. We want to say thank you to Mrs Otty for helping us to do this and to the year 6 helpers who came along to support us (Isabel, George and Sienna)! Kaitlin also brought us some lettuce from her garden which some of us enjoyed munching on, some were less keen but gave it a try. Thank-you Kaitlin. We have started to look at dinosaurs this week, finding out what the children already knew about them, many of the children could name one or two different dinosaurs. Some children suggested their parents had even seen a real life dinosaur! They are very excited to learn more over the next few weeks! We had our water safety talk on Wednesday as well – ask us what we found out! There will only be homework every other week from now until the end of summer as we would like the children to focus on reading 3 times a week, practising their high frequency words and phase 3 phonemes please. Thank-you once again to those who have returned the foundation feedback forms, we really appreciate the comments and suggestions made. It is important to us that you have the opportunity to share your experiences with us.













Week ending 9th June 2017

 Could we politely request that fidget spinners are not brought into our classroom from now on, and are kept at home during the day. Thank you for your support.

We have had a busy first week back in Foundation. We have been working on one more and one less in Maths, and we have been using number lines to help us find the correct answers to these questions. The children have shown an interest in dinosaurs recently; so this is the topic that we are following at the moment. Mrs Furmage has made us a great new reading competition display too! Please remember you have to read to an adult three times at home to move up on the competition board. We have been continuing to learn to read tricky words, and we have also been writing them into our phonics books too. Take a look at our excellent writing of Supertato on our English board. Well done everyone. We are proud of how well the children did in their class assembly. Thank you for your support.

Have a great weekend.










 Week ending 26th May 2017

Once again, we have had a very busy and exciting week here in Foundation, we are all definitely ready for a break now!

In phonics, we started to look at polysyllabic words and how to break them into chunks to make them easier to read and spell (e.g. chimpanzee – chim-pan-zee) and we clapped the words out before trying to spell them. We continue to revise the phase 3 graphemes.

In literacy, we have written out the story of ‘Supertato’ and we have changed one of our characters (either the hero or villain) within our stories. The children all did very well with their writing and were able to use their phonics to sound out the words they needed to write, as well as spelling some of their tricky words correctly. We are so impressed and proud, we have put them all up on the wall in our classroom.

As part of our work on healthy eating, the children designed and then made their own sandwiches which they tasted. Some of them decided to change the fillings they had planned to put in and were able to give reasons as to why they chose to do this. The weather was so fantastic, the remaining half of the sandwich was eaten outside in the afternoon as a picnic which the children really enjoyed.

The mud kitchen has been open for business and the children have had a wonderful time making a variety of mud pies and pancakes!! There has also been a lot of interest surrounding dinosaurs and volcanoes erupting so we will be following this interest after half term.

Race over the Rainbow finishes on Friday the 26th of May, there were many children who managed to get over the rainbow this half term so a BIG well done to you! Prizes to be given on Friday!  We will be back with a new reading competition after half term so keep your eyes peeled for more information on that.

Thank-you to those parents who have already returned the feedback sheet sent out 2 Fridays ago, we really appreciate your comments as it helps us to know your views. If you haven’t already done so, then please send your feedback to us after half term.

Have a wonderful half term and we will see you soon.

Week ending 19th May 2017

Luckily this week, the evil pea hasn’t played any more tricks on us (much to the children’s disappointment) but the children have been focusing on the character of ‘Supertato’ and what he is like. The children used some fantastic descriptive words such as ‘super….fast…helpful…strong”.
We also had the chance to taste some chopped up pepper in addition to our snack, since we are considering healthy snacks and thinking about vegetables as inspired by the story. Some children weren’t so keen on the peppers but all children were willing to give them a try! Well done!

In phonics we have been revising the phase 3 digraphs and also looking at words containing the blends ‘cr’ ‘dr’ and ‘gr’.

We have also been exploring the texture of shaving foam and the children have enjoyed using different spoons and scoops to spread the foam around (in addition to their hands of course)!

Parents are invited to join us at 3:15pm on Monday afternoon for a short 5 minute performance of our most recent Talk for Writing story – “Supertato”. Please come in via the office, you will then be welcome to take your child home if you wish.









19th May 2017

Unfortunately our visit from the dentist has had to be rearranged for Tuesday June 27th at 1:15pm. The children in EYFs and KS1 will all need to bring their toothbrushes to school on this day please.

 Week beginning 8th May 2017

What a week it has been here in Foundation!! The New book we are looking at is ‘Supertato’ – we are sure the children will tell you all about what happens in this exciting story! We have started to learn the actions to the story – perhaps your children can show you what they have done so far!  Unfortunately, an escaped evil pea has been causing mayhem in our classroom and outdoor area, leaving various vegetables, and fruits in a bit of difficulty which required our help!! We have been using our problem solving skills to consider questions such as; how can we get the carrots out of the block of ice? Or the melon down from the tree? Are the vegetables real? (The children weren’t sure when it came to the cantaloupe melon and many kept referring to it as a lemon…)  The children came up with some splendid ideas such as shaking the tree, getting a ladder or using a lasso to get the melon out of the tree! They also tested some of these ideas. Oliver suggested we get a hairdryer to melt the ice which was encasing the other poor carrots because “hot air can melt ice” ! We have also written about what the evil pea got up to in literacy as well as learning the book using actions! Miss Martin has also been with us again this week and the children have loved having her in with us, sadly she will be moving onto her next adventure by Friday but we hope to see her again in the future.























7th May 2017

As the weather promises to keep improving, please can we ask that parents send their children in with a hat, labelled with your child's name. This is to ensure your children can benefit from our outdoor provision, whilst being protected from the sun. Also, please ensure that your child brings their reading book, record, book bag and water bottle into school with them each day.

Thank you

Mrs Shearwood 

Week beginning 27th March 2017

This week in foundation we have learned the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar using actions!! We also (as very hungry little children) made ourselves into a caterpillar to walk down for dinner! We have looked at the lifecycle of a butterfly as well!

In phonics we have covered the phonemes /oi/ /ear/ and /air/ (writing words such as boil, near and chair).

There has been lots of FANTASTIC independent writing going on and the children have been challenging themselves to write words and sentences all on their own! 

In maths we continue to work on sharing out using objects and numbers.

Please remember to pop a hat and suncream in your child’s bag in case of sunny weather!












Friday 3rd March 2017

What a busy week back!

This week we have been visited by Mr Merton and his planetarium. We learned all about planets, our planet and went stargazing. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.









You all dressed up and we took part in celebrating World Book Day.


You had a great time celebrating Pancake Day with Mrs Hanly in our outdoor area too!





Well done to Zara who was the winner of our Space Race reading competition. She has won an Amazon voucher to spend.

This half term our reading competiton will be called "Over the Rainbow" to link in with our topic- "A splash of colour". Perhaps you could be the winner of this half terms race?


Sammy was our star of the week today. He has been commended for his much improved handwriting. Well done Sammy. We hope Worlaby Mouse has a great weekend with you!


This week you have quite an interactive homework based on money. We will be doing more work on money next week in Maths.


Please keep checking your email for our weekly newsletter, written by Mrs Hatton so you keep up to date with upcoming events.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mrs Shearwood and Mrs Hanly













24th February 2017


We hope you are having a good half term?

Our topic for Spring 2 is "A splash of colour".

At the bottom of this page is the curriculum map for Spring 2. This details what we will be working on in school.

These are also areas of learning you can support your child with at home.


Please feel free to ask us any questions if you have them.


Thank you

Mrs Shearwood and Mrs Hanly










 We completed our Spelling Bee competition on Thursday.  

We were amazed with how well our children did! I'm thrilled to tell you that Ella is our champion speller, with Zara and Lily coming in as very close runners up.

Our most improved speller prize went to Lily-May- congratulations!

Well done everyone.

At the end of this week we sent home a "This is what I have been doing at home" record sheet. This is so we can monitor what your childs interests are, it gives us a "way in" to their learning if we know what motivates them in general. Please may we have these back on the first day back of the next half term? Thank you for your co-operation.

Worlaby mouse continues to search for a new home to stay at each weekend! We choose someone who has worked particularly hard in their phonics and writing activities. We really enjoy seeing you write about what you have done in the book.


Thank you all for your continued support. Please allow us to remind you that we are happy to talk to you about any concerns you have, however small they may be. Our priority is yours and your childs happiness.