Class 2 2015 - 2016

Final half term 2015 - 2016

Arrive in the Amazon, relax in Rio! We had a fabulous final half term learning about Brazil and the Olympics. All this and our class assembly, before we had our very own sports week! At the end of sports week the children wore their own design and handmade carnival masks at our Olympic ceremony. During the week we had noted the children following the Olympic and Paralympic values and they were rewarded with their very own Olympic medals.

I think everyone would be ready for their summer break, have a safe and happy holiday.  Mrs Clark





Mini-beast Hunt in the Hollows

On Friday the 20th May, Years 1, 2 and Foundation walked up to the Hollows so that we could search for Mini-beasts. After lots of rain the previous evening we found lots of slugs and snails which we enjoyed looking at under a magnifying glass. After a fruit break we played a sorting game with different Mini-beasts.


The Queen's Birthday

We enjoyed joining the village to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday and the children painted her portrait which we shall send to her Majesty for her official birthday.


Flowers and Mini-beasts

We created our own wormery to observe what the worms do to the soil.

wormery 4Wormery 3
Wormery 2


Wear a hat day for Brain Tumour

All the children and staff joined in raising money for this worthwhile cause. The children were all invited to come to school wearing their favourite hat, and some of them even made their own.



Where we live

As part of our topic (Where we live) we walked around the village of Worlaby looking at the types of houses and facilities and services that the village has. The children wrote about why it was great to live in Worlaby.


AMAZING JOSEPH - 10th March 2016

What a fantastic evening performing songs from the well known West End Musical "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat", in front of a packed Baths Hall in Scunthorpe. Our year two children performed extracts of 12 songs as part of a 400 strong choir, and were thoroughly enthralled by their experience.

They were a true credit to the Academy and shared their excitement with year one children, who will hopefully get the opportunity to do similar next year.

I was extremely proud of them all. Mrs. Clark

Joseph 3Joseph 4

World Book Day 3rd March 2016

We all enjoyed dressing up as characters from our favourite books both fiction and non-fiction. At the end of the day we shared our books with each other. Can you guess any of the characters?

Trip to Street Life Museum

The children had a wonderful day exploring the museum and completing the quiz set by Mrs. Clark.


Amongst the activities the children particularly enjoyed seeing how a signal box works.

The children were transported back in time and took a ride in a stage coach. Some questioned "where will it take us?"

What a busy Spring first half term!

In English: We have looked at information texts for different modes of transport including trains and helicopters. The children then created their own text on a mode of transport of their choice. They have worked hard and I am very proud of their efforts. They used elements we identified as making a ‘good’ information text, such as bright colours, headers, pictures and sections of text. We linked this to our topic work in the afternoon, when the children researched and learned about the history of transport from books and the computer.

During our guided reading sessions the focus has been on non-fiction books to further support our learning and understanding of non-fiction work.

In Maths: We have covered lots of areas of number: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have incorporated money into all of these elements, using our bus to work out journey costs. We have also looked at time and movement and direction and any further support you could give in these everyday areas would be greatly appreciated. For example you could share the time during the day when you do things to support the children recognising the position of the hands on a clock and discuss left and right and clockwise and anticlockwise. 

In Science: We have looked at the changes to a tree in our playground and will continue this throughout the year. We have looked at materials and their properties and suitable uses. We experimented with materials to find which would be suitable for a boat; was it waterproof, non-absorbent and did it float? We discussed why metal was suitable for ships even though we found it sunk!

In Art and DT: The children began by sketching a mode of early transport and then followed this by using watercolours to show their transport. They designed a 3D net of the car on the computer, printed the net and then followed instructions to make the 3D car. The children in Year 2 created their own tyre tread on a polystyrene tile which they painted and printed. In Year 1 the children used different sized toy vehicles to run through paint and recreate the treads of the tyres/wheels.

These are displayed in school near the canteen, so please have a look!

In PE: We have continued with dance and body movement, exploring how we can travel, balance and position our bodies.

We have also looked at the cultural and traditional beliefs of Chinese New Year and Shrove Tuesday and completed a selection of activities for these occasions.

What a busy time, with the children working very hard.

I am looking forward to next half term, beginning with the trip on Friday 26th February and know many of the children are excited too! We will then continue to tie in elements of travel and transport whilst looking at “Where we live” and cover some geographical elements during next half term.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Clark.