Class 4 2016-2017

Week ending 21st July 2017

This week, we have enjoyed all of the sports activities that have been happening every day. We particularly enjoyed the archery and orienteering events. Along with frantic leavers assembly rehearsals, we have completed our Greek mythological beast masks. Taking inspiration from the great myths such as Perseus and Medusa, Apollo and the Chimera and Theseus and the Minotaur along with the recent movie adaptation of Percy Jackson, the whole class created a mask each from a Papier-mâché base, a Mod-roc layered coating and a mixture of a base coat of paint and a final detailed layer of paint to add depth and texture. Sienna created a wonderful Cyclops mask and Harry cretaed a fantastic Minotaur mask. These are just two examples of the magnificent work created over the last 3 or 4 weeks in Class 4. 

Week ending 14th July 2017
This week, we have worked really hard on our leavers assembly and we now know all of the lyrics and most of the dance moves! Year 6 need to keep working on their 'scenes' so Mrs Hatton and Mrs Gash invited Joe Gash in to work with Year 6 on dance, expression and drama! What a fantastic and inspirational tutor he turned out to be! We are so grateful to him for giving up his time and he is welcome back to coach Class 4 at any time. Our photos show the determination and joy of keen and enthusiastic learners who are willing to try everything. We are so proud of your continued ability to impress us.
Week ending 7th July 2017

This week we have enjoyed lots of new and exciting opportunities. We have looked at relationships and the changes we will expect our bodies to go through as we move through puberty. Year 6 have been out for their taster days at their secondary schools and Year 4 joined us for our move up morning. The new class 4 seem a very studious group who have all made a fantastic first impression as a group. Most of Year 5 have been working on their cycling skills too and have passed their road safety test and are now going out onto the road and showing sensible behaviour, road awareness and safety aspects. Our Year 6 SATs results were published too and we are very proud of the results that we knew you would achieve. Well done Class 4 for another great week!

Week ending 30th June 2017











This week, we have learnt about microorganisms and bacteria and the fact that they exist all around us. We set up an experiment to see if we could speed up the process of decay in bread by altering the conditions to encourage the growth of mould. Each pair placed a slice of bread straight out of the loaf and placed it into a clear sandwich bag as their control slice. Then each pair changed the conditions of their 2nd slice to encourage mould to grow. Some of us rubbed the slice of bread into the carpet, others rubbed the slice in the soil outside or in the compost heap. One of the slices touched all of the door handles of the classrooms and another sat on the toilet seat! One group even rubbed hand soap over the 2nd slice to prove that anti-bacterial soap would act a s a barrier to mould growth.

The control slices of bread have no mould afer a full week but the slice that was rubbed with wet leaves had mould after just five days. After 7 days, the soil and compost slices had blue mould. We eagerly await the state of the slices of bread after the weekend but we have concluded that water or damp conditions encourages mould to grow.


This week the Year 5 pupils and some Year 6’s had the opportunity to attend a science day at The Vale Academy. The children all had a fantastic fun filled day and learnt a lot about space. Children experienced: skybolt rocket – enthusiastically listened to a lecture about a starchaser rocket including the materials it is made from, method of propulsion and space artifacts; rocket factory- where they made and fired their own rockets; planetarium; rocket firing simulator - students changed variables in the rocket design to establish the optimum flight path and space science – they experimented with different chemicals to find which fired a plastic bottle rocket the furthest! All in all a practical hands on day covering astronomy, physics, chemistry and computing- using Vale's fabulous facilities!







Week ending 23rd June 2017
This week, we have studied what it is to be beautiful and how celebrities are often photo shopped to appear more attractive, sometimes without their permission. We decided that this was morally wrong and we should be happy with who we are and who we intend to become and not to worry too much about looking beautiful. As a class, we preferred a natural and strong look and we are now fully aware of the tricks that a digital camera can create. In maths, we ordered a variety of pizza meals and calculated the total bill for the table of seven. We discovered that it may work out to be cheaper to pay for items you actually ordered rather than pay an equal share of the total bill. The whole experience was a learning curve in finding efficient ways of gathering information and calculating efficiently. Communication is the key to successful group work. Well done!
Week ending 16th June 2017
This week we have worked hard on our end of year assessments but we also found time to classify different animals into groups during our science lessons. We had a selection of animal photos and we had to sort them into two broad groups. Each group was split again depending on whether the animals had fur or hair, or if they were carnivores or herbivores. We were able to split each group further, using just two criteria. We learnt that taxonomists also classify species in this way. Today, we had to define the characteristics of different species and decide what the difference is between a vertebrate and an invertebrate or a reptile and an amphibian. Later, we will try to classify the duck-billed platypus!
Week Ending 9th June 2017

This week, Class 4 have examined the Greek myth of Pandora's Box and we decided that as she was heartbroken and angry with Zeus for tricking and betraying her that she'd write to him in a complaint letter. These letters have been worked on across the week and it has been tricky to put ourselves in Pandora's shoes but these plans from Leah and Casey show that we understood her emotions and we tried to show the reader how upset we were, rather than tell the reader.

We wrote our final piece during the heat wave but we managed to get through it and I'm sure you'll agree, the standard of writing in Class 4 continues to improve.

You've all worked really hard this half-term, enjoy the break.


Week ending 26th May 2017 

This week, Class 4 have examined the Greek myth of Pandora's Box and we decided that as she was heartbroken and angry with Zeus for tricking and betraying her that she'd write to him in a complaint letter. These letters have been worked on across the week and it has been tricky to put ourselves in Pandora's shoes but these plans from Leah and Casey show that we understood her emotions and we tried to show the reader how upset we were, rather than tell the reader.

We wrote our final piece during the heat wave but we managed to get through it and I'm sure you'll agree, the standard of writing in Class 4 continues to improve.

You've all worked really hard this half-term, enjoy the break      












Week ending 19th May 2017

This week we have looked at the Ancient Greek myth of Pandora's Box and the children have used Talk for Writing techniques to story map the different paragraphs and memorise the vocabulary used. We then studied a completely different version of Pandora's Box to compare the two and some of us even compared it to the Adam and Eve creation story. Next week, we will use Pandora's experiences to write a complaint letter to Zeus for his cunning plan.

We also looked at Ordnance Survey maps and tried to identify the symbols and what they could mean in terms of the layout of the land, rural and urban areas and the contour lines. To start our Ancient Greeks topic, we looked at a blank map of Europe and decided to label the countries that we knew and research the countries that we didn't know anything about.












Week beginning 8th May 2017
In Class 4 this week, Year 6 have enjoyed breakfast with Mrs Hatton, their teachers and friends in preparation for their SATs each morning. I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of your continued effort and determination when sitting these tests and although they were tricky at times, I'm sure you have all reached your expected target and I hope we made it a relatively stress-free week. It won't measure the joy you bring to our world, it won't help you to become the person you are destined to be but it does measure how much you've grown and how much you've accomplished in Class 4. Miss Toner and I believe in you and wish you every success. A huge thank you to Mrs Hatton for the McDonald's breakfast treat on Thursday, Mrs Britcliffe for the lucky gemstones and Mrs Evans for the daily sweets and chocolate fudge cake.

Week beginning 27th March 2017

In Class 4 we have started a new Talk For Writing topic looking at Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We have really enjoyed looking at the new technology and exploring the strong female lead character of Rey. We also tried to convert nouns into verbs and use the passive voice in our writing coming up with sentences such as, 'I tried to navigate through the barren wasteland. Just at that moment, I was intercepted by a group of Tusken raiders who seemed to materialise from nowhere.'

We also compared the different versions of her first appearance looking at the movie scene,  the novel by Alan Dean Foster, the book of the film, the Disney storybook version and the comic book version. We noticed that general information was reduced further and further to simplify the language for the audience so we were able to précis a larger passage and keep it simple in our own comic strip.













What a fantastic start to the new year! We are currently studying the Stone Age and Mrs Britcliffe was able to transform our classrrom into a cave for us to demonstrate our charcoal and pastel skills with amazing cave paintings.

I'm sure you will agree that they look brilliant!


In class 4, we studied John McCrae's First World War poem, In Flanders Fields. We were able to look at other children's ideas on how to write a poem in the style of John McCrae and try to understand what he was seeing and feeling during the hardest of days. George and Isabel were able to share their poetry to the school during our special Remembrance Assembly just before our minute's silence.

Well done to the whole school who were all perfectly silent and respectful during that minute to honour those families changed forever by war and we hoped that when the children at Worlaby are as old as Mr Brown, there would be no war in our world!


We have been working hard in Class 4 to understand how to write a spooky story. We decided that we shouldn't give too much away to the reader to maintain the suspense. We wanted to use figurative language and short sentences for impact. Kai had some particularly great ideas in his first attempt at writing a spooky story and used fantastic vocabulary. See if you can identify the excellent Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling rules in this piece.

As I stumbled upon a tormented forest, out of the corner of my eye I saw an illuminating shadow slink behind a tree. Twigs snapping as I fell backwards. All of a sudden, the shadow came again like it was stalking me. Carefully, when I got up, a figure came at me screeching, "Blood, death, hunger."

Suddenly, I heard a demon cry screaming from behind me. I spun around to see nothing. Quivering. Nerves ignited throughout my body. I felt something grab me from below.

I trembled backwards towards an unknown creature. It tried to kill me, it thrashed rapidly in a ferocious way. I ran - ran as fast as lightning.


Congratulations to Daniel and Bethany who have become our elected representatives for the school council.

We had 7 candidates, who prepared speeches to present to the rest of the class. They listed their qualities, their experience and their understanding of the responsibility that the job would entail. Then we voted for the best candidate and narrowed the vote down to 4 candidates.

New speeches were given and we re-voted for the best candidate, not for our friends.

The process highlighted that we vote democratically and that you need to impress others with your confidence when speaking and informing people of your intentions. Well done to all seven who took part and we have named Sienna and Isabel as deputies in case the school council members are absent.

Fantastic start to the new academic year in Class 4. Our Mayan topic links in with the study of the Sun and our solar system. On Friday 23rd September, we all wrote amazing non-chronological reports about our chosen planet and Bethany used her research to write this fantastic report using a variety of the Year 5/6 punctuation that I asked for. Well done!


Jupiter, which is a gas giant, orbits around our sun in 11.86 Earth years. It is the 5th planet from the sun and it is the biggest planet in our solar system - which is how it got its name.      

Distance and times

Jupiter has a day of only 9.925 Earth hours. The distance from the sun (to Jupiter) is 483,766,802 miles, also the distance from Earth to Jupiter is 390,682,810 miles away. It has ten confirmed moons, as well as 11 unconfirmed moons too.

Fascinating Fact!

In total, there are 64 moons. Four of which can be seen with a telescope as they are so big; Io, Europa, Aanymede as well as Castusto.

The Red Spot

The red spot - which is a huge storm - was discovered by Robert Hooke and has been continuously going on Jupiter for over 400 years.

Because of this, we won't be able to live on Jupiter because it is a giant ball of gas. The gas would kill us instantly.

Sports Day 2016. What a brilliant day sports day was this year. The rain just about held off and the sports ambassadors were fantastic, supporting the younger children and setting up each new race.

A brilliant effort all round and some very determined faces on the racing track.

Well done Worlaby for competing in such a great event and well done to the yellow house for winning overall.

On July 4th, we went to Baths Hall with two other schools to experince the amazing Mighty Zulu Nation! Five men from South Africa entertained us with their singing, dancing and gymnastics. We broke into two different groups to learn a song and a dance routine before all coming back together. We wish to thank this theatre group for an informative, exciting, team-building morning.

On June 8th, we created persuasive leaflets for the Murton Park Danelaw Experience. We had to use our ICT skills to create a double-sided template on Publisher. We had to add appropriate photographs, position them and resize them. 

We also had to use persuasive language to convince others to come and experience Viking life, using quotes from previous customers. The results were fantastic and are now on display in our classroom. Miss Richardson and I were very proud of the results and your ability to work together as a team to create such professional leaflets. Well done everyone.

Murton Park, Danelaw Viking Experience 26/05/16

We really enjoyed our trip out to York, where we all became Vikings for the day! Everyone had to dress up and take part in a truly immersive experience.

We were able to grind wheat into flour for bread and make biscuits out of the wheat. We made oil lamps out of clay and farmed the land, breaking up the thick, clay soil. We also received battle training and had to use our spears and shields to defend the village against an Anglo-Saxon intruder.

Our lunch with 'My Lord' was brilliant and we had to taste his food to check for poison, wash his hands for him and entertain him with jokes. The most unmotivated slave - the bearded Mad Agnes (Mr Brown) was then put into the stocks in the centre of the dining hall and had water poured over his head.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

SATs Week

This week was an eventful (and slightly stressful) week of tests and assessments. Year 6 worked very hard to achieve their expected levels completing some very challenging test papers with determination and focus. I am so proud of your effort and your commitment.

No matter what the result, you are all incredible individuals who have made my move to Worlaby fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding. I told you on Friday how proud I am of you and that it wasn't down to me that you felt so prepared, it was also down to you. We enjoyed our bowling afternoon and it was great to see you all so relaxed and having fun outside of school and Mrs Grey's niece very kindly made us a cake to celebrate the occasion.

Year 5 also worked hard on last year's SAT papers and I am very proud of your results too! The new curriculum is more challenging, but the results you have produced are very encouraging for next year, especially in reading. Thank you to the parents who have kept up the reading at home - it is paying off!

Well done Class 4! There is more hard work to complete, but we have welcomed Miss Richardson into our classroom to help us further for the next five weeks.



On Friday 15th April, after a long Easter break, we got straight into lots of new and exciting topics for the Summer term. We all seem to be very excited about the Vikings and our science topic about animals and their habitats.

However, it was the English that everyone loved this week when we tried to use dashes for parenthesis, watched a sad animation about loss called Mourning Dove and discovered how to write a short story with a flashback. Considering the very brief introduction, everyone in Class 4 has improved their writing and I am happy to share a brilliant example from George about a man who is heartbroken and thinks back to a happier time.

   Suddenly, rain beats down across the window, the man — who was sad and left alone in a world of despair — left the room. The rain groans on, the man sat motionless. All of a sudden, he lurches forward to a photo, a memory, a love.

   The wall remained the wall they built together. It almost seemed real. The letter still on the floor, the ring still on the floor.

   Their eyes met. The room seemed to spin. As she glistened in that dress, the wedding bells rang out. The one he loved the dearest held her finger out — he slipped it on. "I do!" she cried out.

   As he sits there, the rain stopped and the sun shines. He is hopeful, almost as if she was still there with him. He feels his life has a new meaning. He leaves to find something new.



On Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th March, we researched healthy eating in our science lessons and created our own persuasive leaflets to try and convince others to live a healthier lifestyle. We worked in groups of three, researching on the internet, reading other leaflets aimed at children and incorporating persuasive techniques from our English topic.

The results were brilliant and truly illustrated the hard work and effort that Class 4 put into everything that they do. Will any of these persuasive statements help you to change your life for the better?

'Would you desire to be fit, healthy and attractive? If the answer is yes, then read on...'

'It should only take a few minutes to change your whole life-style, Forever!'

'For a start, you need to have your 5-a-day (fruit and vegetables, that is!), delicious dairy, calorific carbs, wondrous water and don't forget powerful protein!'

'Surely, you could try running, swimming, cycling and lots of fun, physical and fabulous activties.'

'As a final tip, be motivated, active and most important, enjoy yourself.'




On Friday 11th March, after a great deal of research, we put the finishes touches to our PowerPoints answering the question - How does the human body transport water and minerals around the body?

Everyone in each group took turns to read their slides to the rest of the class.  They chose interesting slide transitions, spoke in a clear voice and projected to the back of the room. We discovered that it wasn't as easy as it looked.

Casey, Isabel and Sienna were first up so well done for being so brave.




On 29th February, we combined our maths skills and created magic potions! In anticipation of our Harry Potter evening, we measured ingredients, read various scales for powders and liquids, chose our own measuring equipment, followed instructions and converted imperial measurements into metric ones to create magical potions which changed colour from clear/milky white to pink, green or yellow when the final ingredient was added! It only worked if the meaurements were accurate!

It was great fun combining ingredients such as goblin sweat, crushed mouse bones, ants eggs and the juice of a dragon's wing. We were able to demonstrate a wide variety of skills in a real life situation once again.

We held a French cafe event just before the February half term. Parents and staff popped in and out to enjoy traditional french snacks and drinks. Some of the children were waiters and waitresses and asked - 'Vous desirez?' which is 'What would you like?' We responded with 'Je voudrais... - I would like...'




We could order cafe au lait, the, jus de fruits, limonade, coca, orangina and choclat chaud to drink with our croissants, pain au chocolat or brioche. We thank the parents who came and the children for learning their French phrases so quickly. Well done!