Friends of Worlaby School

Friends of Worlaby School are a group of parents, teachers and friends of the school, who give a little of their time to raise funds by holding various events throughout the year. These events help to raise funds that provide some extras for the children, which are very important to our school. Some of the donations have purchased:

  • A new notice board
  • A PA system
  • Year 6 Leavers books
  • Pupil Christmas gifts and Easter eggs
  • Sports Day trophies & refreshments
  • Cost of transport for the whole school to go to a Christmas production
  • Cost of transport for each class for one trip each academic year
  • £100 to gardening club

We are a growing group but always have room for new support. Can you spare an hour to attend our meetings? They are very informal, usually once every half term and are necessary to co-ordinate the varied events we hold. Some of the events have been:

  • Christmas/Summer Fairs
  • Discos
  • Raffles
  • Monthly lotto bonus ball number
Friends of Worlaby School has a dedicated website at which now supports the work of the charity.
Useful information on the site includes a School Events Calendar page - , past newsletters, a Count Down to the start and end of term dates and much much more. 
In 2017 Friends of Worlaby School set up a number of new ways of contributing to the charity and therefore helping the school. 
In addition to raising funds through organising events the charity now has accounts with:
1/   Give as You Live  
 A really simple way of contributing to the Friends of Worlaby School charity is to use Give as You Live every time you shop online.
 Set up an account and access the usual online stores from the Give as You Live site to make your purchases.
 All the high street and online stores take part in this programme e.g. Ebay, Amazon, Debenhams, House of Fraser etc.
 Friends of Worlaby School then receive a thankyou payment from the retailer.
 For more info go to our Friends of Worlaby School website Give as You Live page -
 2/   My Donate
 If you would like to contribute a one off donation or make regular donations then now you can through our My Donate account.
 My Donate is a not for profit organisation run by British Telecom that allows one off and regular donations to charities and also collects the Gift Aid so that for every £1 donated Friends of Worlaby School receives £1.25.
 For more info go to our Friends of Worlaby School website My Donate page -


Chair - Mrs Sarah Harriman

Secretary - Mrs. Gill Pick

Treasurer - Mrs Audra Smith

FOWS Website Manager - Mr Chris Tozer