Education Advisory Board

Members of the joint EAB for Worlaby Primary Academy and the Vale Secondary Academy

Mrs P Kemshell (Chair of Governors)

Mr L Clark (Vice Chair of Governors)

Mrs Carmel McHale (Clerk)

Mrs S Hatton (Principal Worlaby Academy)

Mrs N Williams (Principal Vale Academy)

Mrs G  Young (Delta)

Mr M Willet (Delta)

Mr S Hodsman  (Delta)

Mr C Pope (Delta)

Mrs M Smith (Community)

Mr K Palmer (Parent)

Mrs J Dyer (Parent)

Mrs L Ward (Parent)

Mr D Brown (Teaching staff representative from Worlaby Academy)

Mr A Collins (Teaching staff representative from the Vale Academy)

Miss N Hewitt (Teaching staff representative from the Vale Academy)

Mr R Hearfield (Support staff representative from the Vale Academy)


Message from the Chair of the EAB:

As the new Chair of Governors (Education Advisory Board) I would like to welcome you to Worlaby Academy.

What does the EAB do? Briefly, the main aim is to provide strategic leadership and hold the academy to account for overall performance. We demonstrate challenge through regular half termly meetings and link governors visit the academy to meet with subject leaders and are involved in the monitoring process.
Worlaby Academy is a safe and caring environment for all students in which to learn. Mrs Hatton and her staff ensure that the students receive the highest standard of education which enables all students to achieve their maximum potential educationally, socially and morally. Not only do the staff work to improve the achievements of students but also the quality of their teaching.
The excellent outcomes for the students are fantastic but we will continue to strive for improvement in the future.
Should you wish to contact the EAB please do not hesitate to contact the office at Worlaby Academy in the first instance.

Pat Kemshell (Chair of the EAB)