Merit awards

All children in the academy get the opportunity to earn merits. A merit can be given for a great piece of work, progress, behaviour or demonstrating any of the Worlaby Values. Merits can be given by any staff and sometimes the older pupils ask if they can award merits to the younger children when they have spotted positive behaviours and attitudes.

Each child has their own merit card and when each merit card is completed, the child has earnt 50 merits. When they complete their merit card (50 merits, 100 merits, 150 merits, 200 merits, 250 merits and 300 merits), they receive a certificate in achievement assembly and also get a prize with the Worlaby academy logo embossed on it. Prizes are:

50 merits = pencil

100 merits = eraser

150 merits = eraser/sharpener

200 merits = ruler

250 merits = pen

300 merits = book token