Pupil Views

Each year we questionnaire our pupils to ascertain their views in regards to their academy. Here is what they told us last time...

Our school is awe-inspiring! - Holly (Year 6)

Lessons are fun and challenging. It's an epic school because there are no bullies! - Laura Year 6

It is a fantastic school and it's really enjoyable as the lessons are challenging - Chelsea (Year 6)

We have buddies and this is the first school I have been to that has buddies. They make you feel safe - Elise (Year 5)

The teachers at Worlaby academy are good at educating people - Elliott (Year 5).

WorlabyAcademy is a school of friendship and fun education. Its full of friends you can make and amazing clubs. Worlaby academy is the best! (Cerakai Year 4).

Worlaby is amazing and has the best teachers. The best thing Ilike to do is PE with Mrs Grey. I like Worlaby academy        (Year 4).

Our school is the best school you could possibly imagine. You can use lots of resources. I could stay at school forever! The teachers at our school help us if we are stuck or if we aren't! We go on lots of trips and they are lots of fun! (Bethany Year 4).

I like it at Worlaby because I like spellings (Harvey Year 3).

I enjoy being at Worlaby academy; it is great fun. The work is nice and challenging and we have fun. There is lots of equipment to play with. The teachers are really kind. (Jessica-Jade Year 3).

There are great displays which help us with our work (Jack AB Year 2).

There are lovely dinner options (Thomas Year 2).

We have an amazing school! (Chloe Year 2).

Children are sensible (Ryan Year 1).

School is really nice (Rosie Year 1).