Trophy Winners

Each year at our Leavers assembly, some of our pupils will receive a winning trophy for their achievements in reading, maths and diligence. It is always difficult to choose as we are proud of all of our pupils achievements. With this in mind, we usually base our decision around the amount of progress that has been made as well as the child just shining in a particular way that makes them stand out a little bit from their peers. 
Reading 2017 Cup
Maths 2017 Cup
Diligence award 2017
Marilynn Timbrell, Lady of Worlaby, is proud to sponsor the Lady of Worlaby Diigence Award, which is presented each year at the "Leaver's Assembly".  The recipient is chosen by the teaching faculty, and is a student who has shown exceptional diligence and attention to his/her  studies and school projects during the year.