An Eco afternon

2nd March 2016

Eco club put on a fantastically fun afternoon for the whole school to encourage everyone to re-use and recycle everyday objects.  We all had a fabulous time.  (Charlie, Jessica & Jasmine)

In the musical activity we made shakers out of old plastic cups and trumpets from the middle of kitchen rolls and plastic gloves. (Elise)

In the sporty activity we had a recycling obstacle course where we had to navigate through the course then select a piece of recycling to sort into the correct bin.  It was a great way to combine keeping fit with looking after the planet. (Laura)

In the arty activity we re-used old pieces of paper to make small origami storage boxes.  Some of us found making the folds a bit tricky.  (Jake)

In the computing activity we watched some videos to find out about what happens to our recycling waste after it is collected and then had a quiz to find out how much we knew.  (George G. and George F.)

We had an excellent eco afternoon!