The lunches are freshly made each morning at The Vale Academy in Brigg and are transported to Worlaby. The menu runs on a 3 week cycle. The children have a choice each day from two main hot meals (one of which is a vegetarian option), a jacket potato with various toppings and 2 sandwich choices. (Please see the menu below for each weekly choice). There is always salad on offer and an option of a pudding, yoghurt or fresh fruit. In addition the children have carrot sticks and cucumber sticks on their table to eat whilst waiting for their turn to go and collect their lunch. In addition, there are often special event menus. These will be sent out to you prior to the day and added to the website.

Just as children are laying the foundations for a life of learning and rich experience, they are also taking early steps towards a healthy mind and body. This is where food plays an essential role.

Our catering providers bring the fun and excitement of food to our youngest children. Colours, textures and taste are there to be explored and enjoyed. There is always something on the menu for each child to enjoy.

Our providers supply nutritious and balanced meals with varying menus which change each term. We strive to provide tasty and nutritious meals whilst impacting the environment as little as possible.

Our kitchens minimise the use of single-use plastics in the storage, perperation and serving of food.

Drinking water is freely available and children are encouraged to bring in reusable bottles.

Alongside the work we do to reduce single-use plastics across the business, we also recycle our food waste into green energy through ReFood.

You can access sample menus below.

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