Pupil Leaders

At Worlaby Academy, pupil voice is very important. We discuss with pupils a variety of different ideas and/or issues and they in turn make suggestions. This can be done class by class or alternatively by the head girls, playground buddies, sports ambassadors or reading buddies.

Children are aware that this is their school and they are involved in decision making. This supports them in demonstrating British Values and helps them to develop their oracy discussion and presentational skills.

Head Girls

As head girls we are proud to represent Worlaby Academy. It is our responsibility to be a good role model to others. 
We will confirm ideas and listen to suggestions from our fellow students and staff. 

“I am proud to be a head girl because I get to be helpful around school and because I help the students with their suggestions about our school.”

“As head girls we will continue to serve the school. We have to be kind and caring, which we are.”

Sports Ambassadors

Our Sports Ambassadors collaborate during lunchtimes to provide active and engaging activities for the rest of the academy. 

After participating in appropriate training, our ambassadors have completed a series of targets to earn their Sports Ambassador Badge – which the children wear with pride. 

Digital Leaders

Our digital leaders have been successfully appointed after applying for the position.

These children meet once a fortnight and follow an action plan which they have created to positively promote Computing across the academy. 

The children are looking to plan, organise and deliver a KS1 Computing Club in the coming weeks.